The primary function of the internet is to connect everyone together, to break down barriers, but as you might have already discovered when travelling overseas for a break or business trip, this is not the case as certain websites are blocked.

Good examples of this is BBC iPlayer and YouTube. iPlayer is designed to work solely in the UK and the latter is blocked in some parts of Europe. This practise is known as geo-blocking but there’s a perfectly legal workaround.

By installing a VPN tunnel (Virtual Private Network) on your computer, it creates a new IP address in line with the country you select into fooling the internet that you’re in the UK when you’re actually on a business trip in the States or enjoying the sunshine in Sydney.

I’ve used quite a few VPN programs over the years but I have to say that TunnelBear is by far the most stable. I used it over the Christmas period in Poland and was very impressed with its performance.

Grizzly - TunnelBear

TunnelBear comes with 500MB free each month but you can increase this allowance to 1GB by sending out a tweet. If you need more usage in any given month, you can register a new email address and repeat the above or alternatively, you can sign up to a paid service for unlimited usage.

This works on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and as I mentioned earlier this is perfectly safe to use, so you needn’t worry about the Police knocking on your door!