100,000 internet attacks.

When you read that, you’ll automatically think I’m talking about computers.

Well in the not too distant future, this won’t necessarily be the case.

The landscape of Smart alliances, which refers to equipment that’s connected to the internet like TV’s and security cameras at the home is all about to change.

And very soon it’ll be your toaster!

Yes I did say toaster…

And your dishwasher, washing machine, oven, kettle and fridge.

In time, any device that plugs in to the power socket will eventually be plugged into the internet grid.

But why I hear you ask?

Well for one, it’s becoming so cheap to add internet functionality to equipment, but the real benefit is for the manufacturer not you the consumer.

And very soon you won’t be able to buy any other kind as all this equipment will come with wifi as standard.

Having your toaster connected online, the manufacturer can see…

How many times a week you toast and how well done you like your bread,

How often you wash your dishes and the most popular setting,

How regularly you have your clothes washed and on which cycle,

And how many times of day is the kettle used…

This is just a snippet of the information a manufacturer could collect but this data’s a goldmine for them; information they can use to develop new and more effective models of their equipment.

There will no doubt be benefits for the customer such as the automatic ordering of food that’s running low in the fridge for example…

Or you could take access of your washing machine from work to remotely start the wash so your clothes are ready to take out to dry as you arrive home.

Now of course you’ll always have a choice of whether you want to have these appliances connected to the web or not, but it’s an interesting view of how the landscape will change.