I do like to keep things well maintained; be it my car, IT equipment or the house.

By doing so, it’ll hopefully reduce the likelihood of problems cropping up.

My cars’ coming up to seven years of age and the mileage is below fifty-five thousand, so that’s way below average.

Last week though, my dashboard lit up like the Starship Enterprise. First it was the Emissions Control System Light flashing, then another light warning me not to exceed 4000rpm. I also noticed the temperature was at rock bottom and the cruise control system was no longer working. Things didn’t look good, so without causing any further damage, I took it straight to my local garage for inspection.

The cause was down to a faulty water pump and thermostat which didn’t sound to expensive, but the labour in replacing was the most painful bit on the estimate. In total I’m looking at approximately £1,200 of a repair bill.

Like all things in life, there’s an upside and a downside to everything. The upside in this situation is that it’s the first real problem I’ve had since buying the car new in 2013. The downside is that I have to fork out some money now.

So while my Audi’s in surgery, I’ll be driving around in Mrs H’s Mini. Another thing that’s out of action from today is WhatsApp…

That is, if you have an old Smartphone.

From Sunday February 2nd, Facebook (the owners of WhatsApp) have pulled the plug on the older models of the iPhone & Android working with WhatsApp. This is down to security concerns with the old versions of the iOS.

Smartphones using Android 2.3.7 or older or iPhone iOS8 or older are the one’s affected by this update.

If you fall into this category, the upside is that you’ve had a very good run with your phone for many years and it’s time to treat myself to a newer model. The downside is having to spend some money!

Hope you had a good week with lots of upsides and little downsides.