Have you recently switched from a PC to a Mac or maybe like me – you use both systems? One thing I do miss on the Mac though is the shortcuts I’m used to on a PC and the basic little things like pressing the Enter key in Windows Explorer to run a program or open a document, because in Finder on a Mac this function will instead prompt you to rename the file; little irritations.

All this can easily be overcome by a neat utility called BetterTouchTool. With this you can easily re-configure or re-map your keyboard to do basically any function you like. So for example on the Mac, I can now press Command & S key to put it to sleep; no need to go to the menu bar and open the dropdown menu anymore and I’ve changed the pressing of the Enter key within Finder so it does exactly the same as the PC.
BetterTouchToolThe new shortcuts can be setup Globally (meaning it’ll work within any program you have open) or it can be configured to only work within a specific program. E.g. The Enter key function I configured will work within Finder only.

So if you’re a Mac user with a PC brain or you’d like to make some changes to your Mac keyboard then this free utility is perfect. Click here to download this to your Mac.