The subject line is a common response during some of my calls.

After twenty-eight years helping people with their computer gremlins, some things haven’t changed.

People laugh when I say “have you tried switching it off and on?” …

It seems so simple and bizarre but quite often does the trick.

So if your PC or Mac misbehaves at any time, give it a restart and see.

If your mobile phones’ not responding in the usual way, you guessed it; switch it off for about 10 seconds before switching it back on.

If you can’t access the internet from several computers or devices, give the broadband router a restart.

If you’re having a problem with the internet but only from a laptop, check that the wifi switch is on and that you haven’t accidentally switched on the Airplane mode; and if you haven’t, you know what to try next!

Sometimes though a restart isn’t the answer. Next suggestion is to restore your system to an earlier time when the computer was working fine.

If you’ve got Microsoft Windows, run the System Restore utility.

For Mac’s, use the Time Machine app. I’m assuming here you’ve already setup the ‘Time Machine’ to backup your Mac? If not, put this on top of your to-do list.

A few simple but very effective techniques that could save you time and money.