It cost more than I thought.

Not too long to go now before the holiday season kicks-in.

The usual things will be on the checklist – passports, book a taxi, check flight times, location of hotel and how much will it cost to make and receive calls on the mobile.

We went to Jersey last year and even though they have the +44 code, they are not part of the UK.

So I did my research before-hand and understood that any calls made, or data used, would not be included in the monthly allowance.

I made three calls over the three days, so I was quite surprised to see a bill of £20 for this period. Most of the charges was for data use, which perplexed me a little as I hadn’t used the internet on the trip; or so I thought.

The reason for this was that I stupidly forgot to switch off the data roaming feature, and with the nature of Smartphones, it downloads app updates silently in the background.

In June last year, a new EU ruling came into effect to ban these hefty roaming charges, but this didn’t include Jersey, Monaco, Switzerland, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. What happens to this EU ruling when the Brexit’s in full swing remains to be seen.

So the key is to do your research before-hand as to what and where is included with your mobile provider.

And if in doubt, switch off the roaming feature!