Most weeks, I get mail in the post that’s addressed to someone I’ve never heard of or to someone at a completely different address and in both cases I just mark it with R.T.S and chuck it back in the letter box.

Now when it comes to emails, it’s not quite as simple. Do you get repeated junk emails from the same company or individual even though you’ve already unsubscribed? In my experience, unsubscribe can sometimes mean we’ll just send you a few more of our emails until you’re interested in buying our product! Well here’s a simple and effective way of putting a stop to some of these emails.

Return to Sender

On some emails you’ll see an option to unsubscribe or to change your email address. If the unsubscribe link has had little effect, what you can do is change the email address to the senders email address; this way the email will get bounced back to their Inbox! You won’t find this option on all these salesy emails but if it’s there, it’s quite a neat workaround.