The on-going battle resumes.

Between the mobile phone giants Apple and Samsung.

Apple last week announced the latest models to hit the high street this coming November. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the X Edition which they referred to as the iPhone ten.

Except for the iPhone X, the pricing will be similar to previous years’ releases and averaging around the £700 mark. The former with a 256GB of storage will set you back £1,249.

Will this sell? Of course it will.

Only time will tell if it’s to reach the level of sales they hope for.

None of the new models will sell for its technical specification though; most people quite frankly don’t give a jot about this.

Apple has a tribe, a great following, admirers from around the globe and so much so, are willing to queue around the block in their sleeping bags the night before the official release so they can get their hands on the shiny new thing.

Do you know how many megapixels your Smartphone has? Most people don’t.

What processor does your phone have? Again, most don’t know.

Apple has a great story, an emotional connection with its people. Most people are aware of Steve Jobs and his genius but I don’t know the first thing about Mr Sam Sung.

And if you ask most iPhone users, they wouldn’t dream of switching to the other side. Why would they take a risk and move away from something that works so well, and if it does break down, the customer service is second to none.

They have one gigantic and well-oiled marketing machine and goes to show there’s more to getting and keeping customers than just being the first or the cheapest.