Most of us like to treat ourselves with new things once in a while and when it comes to computers, the first and most common reaction is How did I manage to put up with my old one for so long!; but is newer always a good thing?

A good example of this is Microsoft Windows. Over the years, I’d say there’s been two stable versions of Windows; Windows XP & Windows 7. The others have had their issues on release and improved over time. This can also be said for Windows 8 that was launched in October 2012. In my view, this was very unstable and unusable at the beginning with the missing Start button but they’ve since improved this and it has become a good and usable product.

So what about Windows 10? It’s been rumoured that the release date could be as early as July 2015. If you’re thinking of replacing your system, should you upgrade your computer now or wait until Windows 10 is out and get a new computer then?


My opinion is that if you can avoid it, never go for a new version of Windows straight away. For one, you’re not really going to gain anything just because you have a newer version of Windows but if it turns out to be rather a poor product, the only thing you’ll gain is a migraine!

No matter how many hours of testing the guys at Microsoft do, the real test comes when the good old general public get their hands on it. So my advice would to be wait around 6 months after the general release which will give a good indication on how good Windows 10 really is. I also recognise that we’re all different and some of you might be in the early adopters category and can’t wait that long. If you’re one of them, I’d love to hear how you get on.

Maybe you’re PC’s already on its last legs but you’re reluctant in moving to Windows 8 now with Windows 10 just around the corner? Well the good news is that you can upgrade any computer that has Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 within one year at no charge.

More news on Windows 10 to come….