They say it takes around 21 days to develop a new habit, and there’s one topic that I’ve probably mentioned more than 21 times over the years in my weekly ramblings… and that is data backups.

The message is getting through to most people, as I can’t remember the last time a client didn’t have a backup setup.

But last week I had three appointments where the customers computer wouldn’t boot up, but all had an ongoing data backup in place, so they had peace of mind knowing that their data was safe, or so they thought…

Each one had assumed the backups were running in the background, when in reality, and for whatever reason, had stopped running many months before.

So to help you going forward, here’s my 3.1 guide to keeping your data safeā€¦

1) Firstly, make sure that you do have a data backup setup.

2) Ideally, you want to have a combination of a local and an online data backup.

3.1) And once it’s running, never assume that it will carry on forever. We’re talking about technology here, and they do have a mind of their own at times. So periodically check that your backup is working.