The weather always makes a difference and it looks like we’re in for a treat this week, if you like hot weather that is!

Yesterday morning was spent putting together a new trampoline for the kids and as it was Father’s Day, we went to the local park for a picnic in the afternoon.

The trampoline was quite a straightforward process, and this was helped by having a very detailed set of instructions. From the kids’ point of view, it was a very popular buy, because according to their fitness watches, they managed to clock up around 20,000 steps by the evening!

I’m not too concerned by not having a manual when setting up anything techie as I’m able to get by with my experience, but this isn’t the case for everyone.

Instructions is something that’s absent from everything you buy today, but even though there’s no manual in the box, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one. You just need to search for it online.

So if you wanted to find out how to do something on your Epson XP-422 printer for example, you just type in Epson XP-422 Manual into Google.

And for an iPhone 11 manual, yep, you guessed it, type in iPhone 11 Manual.

More often than not, all manuals are available to download in PDF format.

An alternative way is to search for your exact query or problem…

So if you wanted to know how to disable In App Purchases on the iPhone for instance, just type in How to disable In App Purchases on iPhone into Google, and it’ll take you straight to the applicable website on Apple. This is my preferred method if I need to look for something instead of browsing through endless pages in a manual.