One question that brings people out in a cold sweat is having to think of a new password, especially when the criteria is so specific e.g. Must contain a minimum of eight characters, has at least one uppercase character, at least one number and one symbol.

After a while, trying to remember complex passwords for various accounts can become a bit of a headache, and most people end up writing them all down on paper. This in my view is a big no no; but help is at hand…

A system that we’ve used for years now means you can have hundreds of different passwords without the need to have them written down.

So as an example, we’re going to use the word Amazon123 as our password, but to make it safer, we’ll change this to amAz0N123#

But ideally, you need to have a different password for all websites that you access, and we can do this by incorporating the website you visit with the password.

So, let’s say we’re going to setup a new password for Waitrose online. What you can then do, is take the first two letters from the word Waitrose, and merge this with the password above. So this would then be wamAz0N123#a. And for eBay, it would be eamAz0N123#b.

It’s a very simple but effective system, that lets you have an endless list of different passwords.