Having a virus on a computer can be very damaging and costly to fix so my number one priority when I go out on appointments is to make sure the system’s fully protected. But what about the iPhone’s and iPad’s? This is a question I get asked a lot. Do they need antivirus protection on them as well?

Apple have designed both of these devices in such a way that allows you to only download apps directly from the App Store. With this system, all the apps are trialled, tested, checked and checked again before they become publicly available which is why these apps are perfectly safe and clean from any infections. So the answer to the question is this – there’s no need to install an AntiVirus product on the iPhone or iPad.

The best antivirus product for iOS (the operating system running on these devices) is iOS itself.
Virus on iPhone & iPad

On the other hand, if you’ve Jailbroken your device (term used for cracking the iOS system), then I would certainly be careful in which apps you download as this allows you to download third party apps which are not from the official App store. Jailbreaking is something I strongly recommend you NOT to do.