As you may or may not know, I do enjoy my running, but that’s been put on hold for quite some time; around three months to be precise.

Being tall and having a sedentary job isn’t the ideal combination for a healthy back. And I was told back in February that I needed to lay off the early morning runs for two to three months.

Not the news I wanted to hear, but the results of the MRI scan left me with no option.

Roll on to today, and I’ve started my runs again. But it hasn’t been just one thing that’s got me back to this point…

As advised by my physio, I’ve religiously been doing my back exercises, walks, physio, acupuncture sessions, swimming, plus a few other things. But the point I’m getting at, is that it’s been a combination of these activities that’s got me back to the position that I’m able to run again. And this applies to your IT equipment too…

To have a system running at peak performance, it’s never the one thing that needs doing, but a combination of the following:

1) Always install outstanding Operating System (OS) and security updates.

2) Make sure your computer is protected against viruses.

3) Remove all redundant software from your system, especially when you purchase a new system, as it’ll come bundled with software (bloatware), that you’ll more than likely never use.

4) To avoid overheating, never leave or use your computer in direct sunlight.

5) Regularly run a health check tool.

6) Make sure the system has enough free disc space to function.

Sticking to some or all of these suggestions, can only improve the chances of a healthy system.