Do you prefer Volvo, Ford, BMW, Audi or Mercedes? The answer to this question will come down to some or all of the following…

Your personal taste, comfort, safety, and how economical and environmentally friendly the car is.

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably been a follower of the same team all along. With there being an emotional attachment, you’ll be a follower and supporter no matter how good or badly the team performs.

But when it comes to deciding if you should go for a PC or Mac is not quite so clear cut…

In terms of performance, a PC in my view is slightly quicker than a Mac of the same specification. It’s quicker in both the initial start-up and the loading of applications.

As for security, the Mac Operating System’s designed in such a way that it makes it safer to use and less vulnerable to viruses. I say less, because Macs do get infected. So if you don’t have Antivirus protection on your Mac, I strongly recommend that you do so ASAP.

If you’re looking for a system to either create, record, or edit music and photos, I’d lean towards a Mac, as they come fully equipped with plenty of applications pre-installed for this very job. With a PC, you’ll need to install additional software for advanced photo and video editing.

People think that having an iPhone, it would make sense to opt for a Mac. In terms of syncing the email accounts on your PC or Mac with your iPhone, it doesn’t matter which system you go for, as both systems will do the same job. But, if you want to sync your photos and videos on your phone with your computer, a Mac makes this process very easy. It can still be accomplished with a PC; it just requires a bit more tweaking.

As for cost, the Macs tend to be more expensive than PCs, but Apple have certainly pushed the boundaries when it comes to pricing their range of products. I remember Steve Ballmer from Microsoft having a good laugh at the $500 pricing at the launch of Apple’s first iPhone. Apple certainly had the last laugh here, as I don’t see too many Microsoft Smartphones around today, and Apple have since gone from strength to strength.

Gone are the days when the documents created with the Office apps on a PC wouldn’t be compatible with the Word, Excel or PowerPoint on a Mac. Today, you can safely email a Word document created on either platform to someone else using the opposite platform without it affecting the formatting.

Aesthetically, Apple Macs have always been more pleasing on the eye than PC’s, bit it depends on how important this is for you.

So if you’re thinking of upgrading or replacing your system, hopefully these pointers will help with your decision-making.