I read quite a disturbing article earlier this week which could be very important to you if you have an internet connected camera at your business or home for security.

Woman Peeking Through

You see it’s very common practice to buy equipment and plug it in without making any changes to the configuration, but this does have its pitfalls.

A Russian website has exploited cameras installed at businesses and the home that still have the default password configured and allows them to stream everything live over the internet. These cameras could be installed at your premises or used as baby monitors at the home to check on the safety of the children.

So if you have any form of internet connected camera at your business or home, make sure you change the default password for the box to something secure or if you don’t really need remote access of your camera, switch off this feature. That way you’ll know whose watching!

Just like you lock the front door to your business or car, you need to lock your online life too.