The most common complaint we hear week in week out is – ‘Why is my computer running so slow?’ – or more importantly ‘How can I speed it up?

You might be experiencing this frustration right now, and maybe you’ve already tried some of the following:

> Run the disk defragmenter tool,

> Deleted some of your data to increase disk space,

> Scanned your disk for errors,

> Uninstalled programs you no longer use; but it’s still running at snails pace.

Assuming the hard disk is healthy and has plenty of free space, none of the above will make a jot of difference to your computers’ performance.

2 things that WILL make a BIG difference though are:

1) Increase the amount of physical memory; also referred to as the RAM in your computer. Firstly, find out how much RAM you have installed, and then head off to a website like or to see what’s the maximum you can slot in to your machine.

If you do have room for extra RAM, that’s great, because this will definitely improve the performance. But this isn’t the biggie. I’ve left the best to last…

2) If you really want to give your system a kick up the backside, then upgrading the hard drive to an SSD will do just that.

The hard drive is the component that stores your programs and data and has spinning parts inside. These spinning parts is a big reason why your system’s not running at breakneck speeds. An SSD does effectively the same thing, but it has no moving parts, which means your computer will perform SO much quicker.

So if you want to 4X the performance of your PC or Mac, SSD’s the way.