So it’s the Easter weekend and kids everywhere will be dosing themselves up on ridiculous amounts of sugar.

I’m fairly disciplined when it comes to chocs, but once the wrappers’ off, that’s when my discipline goes out the window!

And talking of Easter eggs, in the digital world, and Easter egg is an intentional joke, a hidden message, a game or a feature that the programmers have secretly hidden.

Here’s a list of Goggle’s hidden eggs, starting with my favourite.

Trip by Dragon
In Google Maps, if you typed in a trip from Snowdon to the Brecon Beacons, it’ll show a part of trip can be taken by Dragon! Click here.

Your Carriage Awaits
Fancy a trip in the Royal Carriage from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace? Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the itinerary.

The Tardis
If you’re a ‘Doctor Who’ fan, or not, you’ll like this one.

In Google Maps, type in “238 Earls Ct Rd” and click on an area just outside the Tardis (yes, I did say Tardis) on the side of the road and it’ll take you inside.

Barrel Roll
In the Google search box, type in “Do a barrel roll” and watch.

Type in “askew” in Google for an out of angle results page.

Historical Street View
When you use Google Street view, there’s an option which lets you go back time and show you how the street looked like back then.

Go to the Google Maps street view level and then look in box above showing the address details. If there are historical photos, you’ll see a timer icon with a drop down option.

Click on the link here and drag the blocks around the screen.

Type “solitaire” and select “Click to play”

Noughts and Crosses
Type in “Tic-Tac-Toe” to access an online version of this classic game.

Click here to access the Atari Breakout game.

Head or Tails
Don’t have any money on you? Then type in “flip a coin”

Type in “roll a dice”

Type in “spinner”

Random Generator
Type in “random number”

Google of Old
Want to know how Google looked like in the past? Type in “Google in 1998”

Just type in, you guessed it “calculator” in the search box.