Computers have the habit of surprising you at the least convenient of times; you’ve been typing away for months doing similar stuff day in day out, and you switch it on one morning – and the computer says NO!

Instead of loading as usual, you’re getting error messages you’ve never seen before, it’s running slower than usual; a program that’s always been working– now doesn’t. Very frustrating when this happens.

So why does it do this? 95% of the time, this is down to a recent Microsoft update that was automatically installed the last time you shut down the computer. These updates are designed to make your system more secure but it does have the habit of messing things up now and again.

So what can you do? Built in to the Microsoft system is a nifty little utility called System Restore. This allows you put the system back to an earlier date when the computer was behaving normally. You WILL NOT lose any of your documents or emails by doing this.

The restore procedure depends on which version of Windows you’re using so just select the appropriate link for instructions.

For Windows XP – Click here.
PS. If you still have XP – I’d recommend you upgrade ASAP as this product is no longer supported.

Windows 7 – Click here.

Windows 8 – Click here.