If you’re a shopaholic, you’re probably quite relieved with the reopening of the non-essential shops.

But how would you feel if someone followed you round, took note of the shops you visited, the items you looked at, and if you didn’t buy something, they’d come up and remind you. Sounds very intrusive and annoying wouldn’t you agree.

But this has been going on the internet for years. Every Google search you’ve entered, every item you have or haven’t bought is closely tracked. And because your likes and dislikes are of such value, this information is passed on to third party companies, who then entice you to purchase their stuff through their marketing.

You may have noticed that when you show an interest in a particular item, but end up not buying, it’ll show up as an ad when you browse a completely different website. This is known as retargeting.

The bottom line is that nothing you do online is private. The World Wide Web is designed to exploit your data.

But one chap by the name of Sam Jones is looking to revolutionise our online experience with his Gener8 concept.

I’ve watched quite a few pitches on Dragons Den over the years, but I have to say that this has to be one of the best.

There’s no need for me to explain how the idea works as Sam does a perfectly fine job. Fast forward to 44m 40secs to watch.

Gener8 Link