When PC ResQ was setup in 2003, we had zero experience with Apple Macs.

But as the business grew, so did the popularity of all things Apple, and it would have been very foolish of us to ignore this fact and continue to focus on PC’s only; so we got ourselves educated with Apple to the point that we’re as comfortable now with both the PC and Mac systems.

A lot of people say there’s no need to have an AntiVirus on a Mac and proudly boast that they’ve never had a problem. But my response is ‘how do you know?’

Because if you don’t have an AntiVirus installed, there’s nothing there to tell you if and when you do get infected.

I’ve always said there are viruses made specifically for Apple Macs, but have never come across one as yet. Well ‘yet’ being the operative word; because last week I came across a malicious piece of code (which is effectively a virus) on a customer’s Mac.

The customer reported an issue with the wifi and email access, and after running a Malware scan, I successfully removed around 6 infections which resolved the problem.

You know where I’m going with this don’t you!

Attention PC and Mac users, for God’s sake, please make sure you have a decent AntiVirus installed, one that also provides Malware protection. If it doesn’t, install a separate Malware protector like Malwarebytes. If you opt for the latter, upgrade to the Malwarebytes Premium version to give you constant and real-time protection.