To good to be true I’d say…

Now and again I’ll recommend something, but only if it’s been tried and tested by myself.

eM Client was first developed back in 2006 but I’ve resisted in promoting the product due to a few glitches along the way and it was only compatible with PC’s.

I say was, because they’ve now developed a version for the Mac and they’ve given the interface a complete makeover. So what is it?…

eM Client is an email program with a difference. Different because it let’s you sync your emails, contacts and calendar items between your computer, phone and tablet. Other than paying for Microsoft Exchange, this functionality isn’t even available on Microsoft Outlook; the most popular choice of email programs.

I’ve tried this with my Gmail and iCloud account and it has worked a treat.

The only real limitation of the free version is that it cannot be used for commercial purposes and you’re limited to having a maximum of two email accounts configured, but you can upgrade if you need to add additional email addresses.

If you fancy giving it a whirl on your PC or Mac, here’s the link.