A lot of us are creatures of habit and like to do things that’s familiar but when change is forced upon us, one that isn’t to our liking, our reaction is made all too clear. A classic example of this was the release of Windows 8 in 2012.

What Microsoft did was to do away with something that all Windows users had been so used to for years – and that was to get rid of the Start button. My initial reaction was ‘what have they done’ closely followed by ‘what were they thinking!’ To me this really was complete madness and so unfriendly was the new layout, it was a bit like someone had removed the lock to the front door and left a note saying that I need to use the side window from this day on! OK maybe a bit of an extreme but you get my point. I understand that companies like Microsoft need to be innovative and stay ahead of the competition but this was a classic case of ‘we’re not ready for this.’

Start Button
If you’ve read this far and been missing your Start button on your Windows 8, then you can get this back by installing the Classic Shell program from here. It won’t remote the tiling setup completely; it allows you to have both.

The release of Windows 10 later this year will see the return of the Start button as standard together with the tiles alongside. It’ll be interesting and one that Microsoft hope is more to peoples liking this time round.