If you own a car, bike or any other form of transport, regular maintenance is a must in order to keep it in tip-top condition. The alternative is not to look after it and the cracks will soon start to show. I find that a sick computer is like a flat tyre; it’s not going to be much use until you fix it.

Because of the way computers are designed, day one is the quickest it’ll ever be. As you install new programs, add your data, the security and operating system updates, your computer will inevitably slow down and just like a car, regular maintenance is advisable. I’ve just taken delivery of a new car for my business and I’ll make sure it’s serviced regularly to reduce the risk of any problems. The last thing I need is the car not starting in the morning when I have an appointment to get to!

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Servicing a car every year for three years will extend the life of a car compared to one that’s been serviced once every three years; and the same applies to your computer.

Give me a call if you feel your computer needs a bit of TLC and assuming your broadband is working fine, I could help you out by taking remote access of your computer without the need of a visit or if you’d prefer I come round, you can take a peek at my new wheels!