When I get a call from a customer saying their computer no longer switches on,

And having suggested the obvious – like replacing the fuse, trying a different power supply cable and the even more obvious…

I ask if they’ve had a power cut.

Got to ask because you never know!

If none of the above has done the trick, it tends to be one of the following…

A faulty Power Supply Unit (PSU),

A dead motherboard,

Or if it’s a laptop, a faulty battery as this can sometimes prevent the computer from starting up.

In my experience though, in around 95% of cases the PSU tends to be the culprit.

But a blown Power Supply Unit is something that can easily be prevented…

And for as little as £15.

What you need is a surge protection cable.

This will stop any power surges from a badly wired or faulty electric circuit or even a thunderstorm lighting strike ever reaching a gadget or device that’s plugged in to the surge protector.

So rather than spend £60 – £70 on a replacement PSU,

Around £250 on a replacement motherboard,

Or £600 on a new machine, this is a no brainer.

If you’re not quite sure what I mean, click here for an example.