Not right now thank you very much.

Isn’t it great to see whose calling you at home or on the mobile?

You can then decide if you want to speak to that person or not!

Caller ID does have its benefits but there’s a scam that’s very much on the increase that you should be made aware of.

Have you got your Bank’s telephone number stored in your phone or mobile?

If you have and one day you got a call showing the Bank’s name on the screen, you’d automatically think that it must be from your Bank right?

Think again.

You see, I could install an app on my phone or sign up to a service on the internet and configure is to show any number I want on the phone of the person I’m calling.

So by configuring the app to be the same as that of a Bank would make the person I’m calling think, and understandably so, that the call was coming from the Bank.

In some cases, the reason for using Caller ID is totally legitimate as some companies want the recipient to call back a free 0800 for example.

But, the dark side of Caller ID Spoofing is completely misused by fraudsters with the sole aim of grabbing your personal information.

What can you do?

For starters, you can’t actually stop it from happening as such but the best advice is to use your gut instinct and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t pass on confidential information over the phone….

Say no and slam the phone down.

Don’t give away your personal information like you Bank or National Insurance number to an INCOMING CALL.

If you call a Bank or other organisation that requires some of your information, that’s very different, not the other way around.

If you’ve been targeted by this scam or know someone who has, call ‘Action Fraud’ on 0300 123 2040 or visit them at

As the late Bob Hoskins would say – ‘It’s good to talk’; but that’s only if you’re talking to who you think you’re talking to!