What a drama.

No, I’m not referring to the shocking election in the states.

I’m talking about something far less brutal of a contest but gripping to watch.

If you’re a keen Formula 1 viewer, you would in no doubt have enjoyed the race in Brazil last Sunday.

I’m a very keen motorsport fan but I’ll admit that some of the races this year have put me in a coma early on in the race.

With the performance of the Mercedes team being in a different league to the rest of the field, watching a predictable outcome with only two drivers out of 22 in with a shout of a win is hardly thrilling.

But last weekend was a stark contrast to the norm on so many different levels – thank god!

The weather was atrocious; a heavy monsoon poured down throughout the race forcing several red flags bringing a halt to the proceedings while waiting for the rain to ease off.

The conditions were so bad that even the most experienced of drivers got caught out in the wet while aquaplaning into the barriers and bringing out the safety car on numerous occasions.

Unfortunately for the Brazilian fans, Felipe Massa was on the list of casualties unable to see the chequered flag.

Felipe’s disappointment was clear to see as this was his penultimate race before going into retirement and wasn’t the ideal swansong in front of his home crowd.

As the car was blocking the entry to the pits and all the teams’ engineers were left idle until the pit lane re-opened, it was a very emotional walk back to the garage for Felipe as he was given a standing ovation by all the F1 team engineers before being greeted by his family.

What made the race even more compelling was that we didn’t know who would make it on to the podium; which hasn’t been the norm this year.

Max Verstappen, the young gun on the F1 circuit has made quite a name for himself this year with his aggressive driving style but last Sunday he showed a masterclass on how to drive in the extreme wet.

His overtaking was incredible and made the more mature drivers look quite average. His skills got him from the back of the field to third. No guesses who got the award for ‘Driver of the day.’

Would have been nice to see him further up the leader board to help Lewis Hamilton in his pursuit of a fourth F1 World Championship title. Still one race to go in two weeks so anything can happen.

With all the race interruptions, I put the Sky box’s fast forward button to very good use!

And talking of interruptions, one thing I’ve been getting a lot of in the past are the annoying cold marketing callers on my mobile. Be it the PPI or energy sales calls, they’re extremely annoying and a disruption I could do without.

Do you get these calls on your landline or mobile?

If you do, then here’s a tip.

These companies used to call from ‘Unknown’ numbers and I never answered those calls but they’ve now changed their tactics to show a valid number.

Around a month ago I registered my mobile number with the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) and since then, these calls have dropped significantly.

In theory, these companies or individuals shouldn’t be calling numbers who’ve registered with the TPS, but this is down to discretion so the less scrupulous will still try and call and bombard you with their drivel.

It’s certainly worth spending a few minutes of your time to get signed up. Interested? – then go to www.tpsonline.org.uk


P.S. The Trump event goes to show the power of reality TV and to be successful in politics doesn’t mean you have to be the best at what you do, you just have to be the best MARKETER of what you do. That’s why he trumped it.