I want one!

This is a common thing for kids to shout.

Be it a shiny new toy car, tank, helicopter or whatever.

But this coming Saturday there’s a new toy in town…

And it’ll be the adults screaming this time.

It has become an annual event that makes grown-ups queue or camp around the clock to get their hands on one.

I’m referring to the new iPhone 7 and its big brother, the iPhone 7 Plus.

Is it an improved handset with loads of new features?

Well going on the history of previous models, who cares!

If it looks ever so slightly different, shinier, has a few improved tweaks here and there, that’s enough.

That is the power of Apple.

As usual they don’t come cheap…

Ranging from £399 to £799.

Thinking of getting one yourself?

Well let me run through the basic features to help.


The look hasn’t changed that much. The antenna’s been re-designed to fit inside the enclosure which gives the phone smoother lines and a less cluttered design.


This button doesn’t click inwards anymore. By transmitting a little vibration, it gives you the impression that your pushing it in. This is similar to the recent MacBook laptops.


To be specific, it’ll be fine if you dropped the phone in water of up to 1m in depth for around 30 minutes, so avoid the deep end at all costs. It also has a very high ‘Dust proof rating.’


The rear facing camera is still 12 Megapixels but you’ll see an improvement with photos taken in low light.

The camera itself is 60 percent faster and 30 percent more efficient than the iPhone 6S.


The screen size, resolution and pixel density hasn’t changed but Apple say the screen is 25 percent brighter than the previous iPhone with an improved colour management.


The iPhone 7 has two speakers; one at the top and another at the bottom. Both these speakers are far enough apart for a stereo effect. It also has twice the volume of the iPhone 6.


The biggest change by far on the iPhone 7 is the missing headphone jack. Instead, it comes with a set of headphones that’ll plug in to the Lightning port (the port you use to charge the phone).

You can still use your existing set of headphones by using the lightning-to-mini adapter supplied.


In October Apple will be launching a new line of wireless headphones known as AirPods.

There’s no cables and they use infrared sensors to detect when they’re in your ear and will only output audio at those times. They’ll also work with any Apple device with a single tap on the headphone or if you double-tap it’ll activate the Siri; if you want to that is!

With battery life, the headphones are good for around 5 hours of listening after a full charge.


Apple claims this to be the “most powerful chip ever in a smartphone.” It has a 64-Bit A10 Quad-Core processor with an astonishing 3.3 billion transistors!

It’s 40 percent faster than the A9 processor found inside the iPhone 6S and wait for it…

120 times faster than the original iPhone!

That’s a brief overview of the iPhone 7.

So do you want one this Saturday?

If you do, better grab that sleeping bag sharpish!